Session S66 (Wednesday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P716: How servant leadership activities in general chemistry courses impacted students’ learning and experience

Anne-Marie Nickel, David Howell, Barbara Meyer (Milwaukee School of Engineering, USA)

Roughly one quarter of the first-year students at the Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) have been involved in servant leadership activities in their general chemistry courses. Servant leadership is founded on service learning but differs in that through service, both the recipient and the provider benefit equally. MSOE is committed to integrating servant leadership into students’ experiences to develop these leadership and servant skills and interests in our students. The inclusion of servant-leadership into general chemistry courses assists that effort. In the general chemistry courses, servant leadership activities have involved either tutoring opportunities at an urban high school or sampling and analysis of Lake Michigan water. The impact of the servant leadership activities on the student’s experience in the course and the students’ content learning will be discussed as well as how the recipients of the services benefited from the activities.


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