Session S26d (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 117)

P722: Development, implementation, and evaluation of a SENCER learning community for non-declared majors

William Donovan, John Thomas Dukes, Jennifer Hodges, Helen Qammar, Kathleen Ross-Alaolmolki, Gregory Smith, Ethel Wheland, Bonita Williams (University of Akron, USA)

The principles of SENCER pedagogy were used to develop an integrated, thematic SENCER learning community for first-year, non-declared majors. Biology, chemistry, mathematics, nursing and public health, geology, environmental science, rhetorical, and engineering concepts were integrated into student writing, speaking, and teamwork assignments. The learning community courses focused on science inquiry, applied data analysis, discovery, and information literacy in the context of water quality and its health consequences in the Cuyahoga River valley as a civic issue. This presentation will discuss the logistics, challenges, pitfalls, and successes in the development and implementation of the learning community and the impact of the learning community on students, including results of the Attitudes Toward Science Inventory, pre- and post-surveys, and student and faculty focus groups, and emphasis on the chemistry portion of the learning community.


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