Session S67a (Wednesday, 9:30am, CHEM 102)

P727: Small science, big decisions: Engaging adults through deliberation and consensus

Angela R. Jones, Ashley Anderson, Dominique Brossard, Andrew Greenberg, John W. Moore, Sara Yeo (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)

Nanotechnology is having significant impact on all areas of science and engineering. Consumer products that benefit from advances in nanotechnology are already on the market. As members of the UW-Madison Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center we have collaborated to develop an outreach activity that uses deliberation and consensus to engage adults in the discussion of the beneficial applications and potential risks of nanotechnology in areas of energy, medicine, defense, and others. Four groups, including three science-oriented community groups and students enrolled in an undergraduate chemistry course for non-majors, participated in the activity. We will describe the design of the materials and report results of pre- and post-surveys that assessed participants’ awareness of the prevalence of nanotechnology in research and consumer products, interest in obtaining more information on nanotechnology beyond the activity, and basic nanoscience knowledge before and after their participation.


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