Session S51c (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P740: Web based activities for before, during, and after class

John Gelder (Oklahoma State University, USA), Michael Abraham (University of Oklahoma, USA), Tom Greenbowe (Iowa State University, USA)

This presentation will outline instructional activities that link large class lecture settings and web based instructional materials through before (BCEs), during (DCIs), and after class (ACAs) activities. The Before Class Exploration (BCE) is a web-based exercise students complete before they attend a lecture. A BCE can consists of a data collection activity using a simulation program along with a few questions about the data, or a set of 5 to 7 questions introducing a concept to be covered in lecture. The activity runs through a web browser and should require only 10 to 15 minutes of a student’s time to complete. Upon submission of the BCE, students receive a copy of their responses and, when appropriate, an expert’s response to the questions for comparison. The instructor can access all student responses to the BCE prior to lecture to gain a better picture of the student’s pre-existing knowledge, which will allow lecture activities to be customized. The During Class Invention (DCI) uses data generated in the BCE, along with questions/problems to develop a concept that focuses on a course learning objective. During class the DCI is completed by small cooperative groups. Students report their consensus response for the instructor’s consideration using a student response system (“clickers”). The After Class Application (ACA) is a web-based set of questions that allow students to apply their knowledge of the concept introduced by the BCE and ‘invented’ by the DCI. The questions on the ACA will be both conceptual and algorithmic. Since both the BCE and ACA are web-based, all responses are stored in a relational database. Although a stand-alone relational database is available, the project is also developing access to the web based material through commercial course management systems like D2L and Blackboard. Interested parties can view the available instructional materials at


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