Session S51c (Wednesday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P743: Sharing educational resources through the LearnChemistry wiki

Martin Walker (State University of New York – Potsdam, USA)

The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) recently launched its new website of educational resources, LearnChemistry.  This includes a wiki for educators to share their own materials (tutorials, quizzes, etc.) with the community.  This wiki offers several distinctive features unavailable elsewhere, such as a ChemSpider-derived substance collection (2000 substances) with structure searching and associated spectra, and quizzes, some of which allow students to answer via inputting chemical structures.  There is a large collection of experiments designed for high schools, as well as topic guides and tutorials.  The wiki platform allows teachers to run collaborative projects, within one school or between different schools, where students can share data from different groups and/or locations.  Overall, the site provides a comprehensive collection of materials for teachers and their students to use, and a place for them to contribute additional resources of their own.


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