Session S69b (Wednesday, 2pm, Life Sciences 011)

P763: The Journal of Chemical Education: The pre-college initiative

J.J. Lagowski (University of Texas – Austin, USA)

Classically, the Journal of Chemical Education has been perceived as the purview of post secondary teaching chemists. Yet, the secondary to post-secondary “gap” in the overall educational process is the source of many of the problems associated with student success at the entry level. Creating environments for producing student success as they transition this gap, clearly requires attention to details, content and pedagogy, at both sides of the gap, which suggests that formal communications—appropriate papers—must exist between the pre-college and college faculties. The Journal of Chemical Education is the vehicle for that kind of communication.

Presented here are the elements of the arguments placed in an historical context of the Journal’s most recent pre-college initiative, which continues to this day.


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