Session S59b (Wednesday, 2pm, Wartik 106)

P769: Critical issues in women's transitions from graduate students to chemistry professionals

Megan Grunert (Western Michigan University, USA), George Bodner (Purdue University, USA)

The pipeline model has long been used to describe the low representation of women in chemistry earning doctorates and entering the workforce, where women “leak” randomly throughout their progression to becoming a chemistry professional. A qualitative research project with women doctoral students and faculty members provides evidence that women go through a complex, active decision-making process when choosing a career. The findings from this research highlight key areas to target when trying to increase the number of women pursuing careers in chemistry, particularly academic research. Issues relating to lack of awareness of available careers, unclear career expectations, challenges of managing career and personal life, and the perceived value of career outcomes will be discussed. The focus will be on ways to address these areas and better support women pursuing advanced education and careers in chemistry.


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