Session S70 (Wednesday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P776: CSI: Converse: A forensics summer workshop at Converse College

Sheri Strickland (Converse College, USA)

CSI: Converse is a week-long, residential forensics summer workshop for high school students.  This workshop has given high school students from across the southeast the opportunity to learn classic chemical and biological methods in the context of fictional crime scenarios.  We have used UV-Vis and FT-IR spectroscopy, chemical tests, electrophoresis, mcroscopy and more to analyze the evidence collected in our fictional cases. In addition, our students (who are all considering forensics as a career) interact with forensics professionals during evening lectures and a visit to the Spartanburg County Crime Lab.  A true interdisciplinary effort, one of our favorite sessions involves the “live” crime scene designed by the Converse College theater department.  An unexpected benefit was the impact that this workshop has had on the career choices of several of our Converse undergraduates.  Come and see what a small group of faculty and undergraduate science majors can do to inspire rising 10th-12th-grade high school students!


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