Session S70 (Wednesday, 2pm, Life Sciences 009)

P779: Deaf students solving criminals' capers - WITHDRAWN

David Oyler (SC School for the Deaf and Blind, USA)

Hands-on teaching is not only a student’s playground, but it’s also a chance for teachers to step back and assess the class’s ability to work, think and interact independently. Add in a murder mystery case, and Deaf students’ learning to apply prior knowledge and their sleuthing skills and forensic science lessons at the SC School for the Deaf and Blind are what occur.

Deaf students are visual learners, so when, after proper instruction, they’re placed in a “crime scene” to decipher the proper techniques and tests to analyze the goings on preceding their arrival, it’s truly a sight to see.

Deaf students are underrepresented in the science fields but have an insatiable curiosity for the hows and whys of the world. My forensic science lessons give my Deaf students the ability to shine in their ever-developing world of scientific thought and in the development of their problem solving skills.


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