Session S60b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 102)

P791: Science and heritage: Chemistry in the Bible

Mordechai Livneh (Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

The Youth Activities Center at Bar Ilan University has many projects whose aim is to bring science into the community. One of these projects is the SAS Children Homes project which is sponsored by the Legacy Heritage Fund in the USA. This project is aimed at children who live in Children’s Homes. According to the agreement with the fund, 25% of the classes have to deal with Jewish or Israeli heritage. We decided that this component will deal with the subject “Chemistry in the Bible.” For this purpose we developed materials on the following major two subjects: 1. The ancient dyes that the Jewish people used for coloring the phylacteries (Tzitzit), blue (Tchelet) and purple (Argaman); 2. Manufacturing metals (especially copper) in old times.


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