Session S60b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 102)

P793: Teaching carbohydrates using molecular models

Kim Woodrum (University of Kentucky, USA)

Why bother using the Fisher and Haworth projection of a monosaccharide, or teach the difference of a alpha and beta glycosidic bond? The pictures we draw often mean nothing to the pre-nursing student other than something to memorize. This session will show how I help students discover the world of carbohydrates in my fairly large GOB course. I take students through the process of (1) reading a Fisher projection to create their own monosaccharide; (2) form the cyclic sugar from the linear form; (3) look at a Haworth projection and decide if they create the alpha or beta form; (4) pair up with other groups to create the glycosidic bond; and (5) join their monosaccharides together and see how a cellulose is completely different from starch (in spite of the fact that both are linkages of the same D-glucose molecule). Test questions, using models, demonstrate mastery.


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