Session S60b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 102)

P796: Supplemental instruction: Results of implementing a best practice

Rosemarie DePoy Walker, Connie Gabel (Metropolitan State College of Denver, USA)

Supplemental instruction (SI) in general, organic, and biochemistry was implemented on the Auraria Campus in Denver starting in Fall 2010. Students from the Community College of Denver were offered the opportunity to attend SI sessions, which were led by upperclass students from their campus neighbor Metropolitan State College of Denver (a 4-year college). While this is an unusual opportunity not available to all community colleges, we believe nearly all 2-year colleges can duplicate the best practices of the STEPS SI program. We will present those practices and the results in terms of increases in GPA, increased successful completion of course, decreased number of NC/W D & F grades and most importantly gains in comprehension and an increase in enrollment in the second term of 1-year courses, indicating less student discouragement.


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