Session S61b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P797: Transforming chemistry education through the Green Chemistry Commitment

Kate Anderson (Beyond Benign, USA), Rich Gurney (Simmons College, USA)

Throughout the past several years, green chemistry has gained much attention as a research framework, a business opportunity and a teaching tool. As a field of science, green chemistry represents a change in how we design molecules and materials. This shift moves chemists towards safer, non-toxic chemistry and materials. In order to advance green chemistry throughout the United States and internationally a significant change must occur in how we are training the current and next generation of scientists. The Green Chemistry Commitment is an initiative to bring together green chemistry educators around the goal of transforming chemistry education. The Commitment aims to bring the field together to agree upon common student learning objectives for departments wishing to incorporate green chemistry. The Commitment is being led by Beyond Benign, a non-profit dedicated to Green Chemistry education, in partnership with a faculty advisory board representing ten different colleges and universities from throughout the United States.

This presentation will describe the program goals, the work of the commitment’s advisory board, as well as resources available for interested institutions and faculty.


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