Session S14a (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P80: Student impacts of incorporation of current research topics into the general chemistry lab

Janice Hall Tomasik (Central Michigan University, USA)

Developing research-based lab activities for the general chemistry classroom at a large university can be very challenging.  With over a thousand students every year in general chemistry at Central Michigan University (CMU), we must consider both the costs and the time for completing such activities.  Is it possible to develop inexpensive, up-to-date research-based labs that fit into the two hour weekly lab period?  Are these experiences successful for increasing student interest in chemistry and in seeking undergraduate research opportunities?  At CMU, two lab activities were designed based on the current research of faculty in the chemistry department.  This talk will discuss the results from three years of implementation of the new labs into the honors general chemistry lab section.  Results of surveys given to assess student opinions and perceived learning gains will be presented.  The findings provide insights into whether this method of incorporating research into the classroom was successful.


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