Session S61b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P800: Reforms in the chemistry laboratory curriculum at UC-Berkeley

Michelle Douskey, Anne Baranger, MaryAnn Robak (University of California – Berkeley, USA)

For the last two years University of California-Berkeley has been incorporating green chemistry into the freshman chemistry classes for both majors and non-majors.  The first step, and one that is ongoing, is attempting to define what the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry mean at a general chemistry level.  Efforts for general chemistry began in the spring of 2010 with earnest work on lab development taking place primarily during summer.  Since beginning lab development eight new lab experiments have been designed and implemented for the non-majors course.  Working on courses for chemistry majors has provided opportunities for the incorporation of green analytical chemistry into the curriculum.  Examples from both the majors and non-majors courses will be presented. Our future goals include expanding our offerings for chemistry majors and graduate students and initiating partnerships to drive future efforts.


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