Session S61b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P801: Integrating green chemistry into the curriculum: The path at Worcester State

Meghna Dilip, Margaret Kerr (Worcester State University, USA)

Worcester State University was an early adopter of green chemistry introducing “green” into our organic laboratories in 2003.  We have since established a popular concentration track in Green and Environmental Chemistry within our major.  Offerings in this track include an environmental chemistry course with a green focus, a standalone three credit green chemistry course and an integrated green and environmental laboratory.  One of the often missing elements in a chemistry degree, toxicology, is also taught within this track.  In addition to training responsible chemists, we have also extended green chemistry offerings to our non-majors in the form of the liberal arts and science course Paper and Plastics.  In this talk we will highlight successful efforts to incorporate green chemistry, student perceptions of green chemistry, new labs we have developed as part of our courses and future steps.


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