Session S61b (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P804: Green goggles: Teaching general chemistry concepts through the lens of green chemistry principles and practice - WITHDRAWN

Sarah Kenick (University of New Hampshire – Manchester, USA)

Since the principles and practice of green chemistry depend on an understanding of general chemistry concepts, it is possible that green chemistry could be used as the lens by which students learn the concepts usually discussed in the first semester general chemistry course.  This type of approach could potentially increase student’s interest and motivation of learning chemistry concepts, since the application of the knowledge would be directly tied to the practice of green chemistry. This study looked at a novel course designed for this purpose, specifically, a non-majors general chemistry course taught using inquiry driven pedagogy through a green lens.  Study results will use a case study approach detailing the course design, the learning outcomes of this new course, and the overall effectiveness of: theinquiry format in teaching this subject, individual course components in learning the subject matter and the course overall.


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