Session S64b (Wednesday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P812: Evaluation of the efficacy of online homework in an organic chemistry class

Marc Loudon, Laurie Parker (Purdue University, USA)

We have continued our study, reported at the last BCCE, on the effectiveness of online homework in an organic chemistry survey course. We have continued to find that the homework is highly effective in improving student performance on examinations. We have determined whether students who are made aware of the benefits will register for the online homework if it is made optional, and whether those students realize an advantage. We have also carried out a study in which students were grouped at random into two different categories based on assignment due dates. In category 1, assignment due dates were one week after the topic was covered in class. In category 2, assignment dues dates were prior to the examination on the relevant material. The results of these and other studies will be reported.


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