Session S64b (Wednesday, 2pm, Mueller 008)

P813: Use of electronic homework in the organic chemistry sequence: Successes and failures

David Myers (Bard College – Simon’s Rock, USA)

The organic chemistry courses at Bard College at Simon’s Rock are based on the lecture-less format used by Jones (among others), following the POGIL model of Spencer et al. Electronic homework is used, as the call for papers states, for additional drill and practice in the subject and to underline both the importance of seeing the material in different lights and the integration of it across the year. Experience with the online system (Smartwork; WW Norton & Company) will be discussed with focuses on the successes and failures of this system, difficulties encountered with the graphical interface employed, the nearly non-enforceability of an honor code, and the outcomes from this additional practice as related to conceptual and long-term understanding and retention.


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