Session S14a (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 216)

P82: Authentic research experience for an advanced freshman general chemistry laboratory: Design, implementation, and impacts

Jessica Reed (Iowa State University, USA), Michael Slade (Iowa State University, USA), Keith Woo (Iowa State University, USA)

Student gains from participation in undergraduate research are well known, yet in many cases students must self-select to do research relatively late in their academic careers. In an effort to give freshman chemistry majors an opportunity to engage in authentic research, a multi-session module was developed and implemented into an advanced general chemistry laboratory course. To investigate whether this experience had any positive effects on students’ understandings of the nature of science and their expectations for learning chemistry, the SUSSI and CHEMX instruments were given before and after the module. Description of the research module as well as the reform efforts to improve the module and realize larger student gains on these measures will be presented.


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