Session S25f (Wednesday, 2pm, Thomas 104)

P825: Rating the complexity of organic chemistry items

Jaclyn Trate (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, USA), Thomas Holme (ACS Examinations Institute, USA), Kristen Murphy (University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, USA), Jeffrey Raker (Iowa State University, USA)

Assessment items are ideally designed to test the degree to which a student can successfully demonstrate the knowledge needed to complete a task and often will varying degrees of complexity.  Item complexity or the degree of difficulty of an item should translate into student performance on the item.  The ability to apply an objective complexity rating can be useful for predicting student performance.  A rubric for assigning a complexity rating to organic chemistry assessment items has been developed and will be reported.  This rubric was utilized to rate multiple choice organic chemistry tasks that were further investigated using novice and experienced students working these items on an eye-tracker during an interview. The results of these interviews and the expert complexity ratings will be reported.


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