Session S55c (Wednesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P855: Flexibility can encourage self-directed learning: The use of an online booking system

James Gaynor (University of Liverpool, UK)

Introducing flexibility into the learning environment is one method of promoting lifelong learning. The use of flexibility should not be restricted to academic content as there is a suggestion that empowering students with flexibility and choice, in general, enhances their university experience by encouraging active learning.

A collaborative effort between the departments of chemistry and computing services at the University of Liverpool, UK, has created a bespoke online booking system for use within our own institution. The system is suitable for various educational settings where student choice is possible and has been implemented in a number of contexts within Chemistry. The main use has been in the second year synthetic laboratory where the system has been received very well by our students who responded positively to the freedom on offer. The system encourages personalisation of study, enhances less academic skills (ie. time-management) and helps greatly with lab organisation.


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