Session S55c (Wednesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P859: Wizard of Oz and beryllium? Using a periodic table project to teach chemistry and art

Kimberlee Daus (Belmont University, USA)

At Belmont University all students are required to take Learning Community Courses (LCCs) the second semester of their freshman year.  LCCs consist of two classes in two different disciplines that examine a common issue, problem or overlap. One goal of LCCs is for students to make connections between the two disciplines and to apply the information in a new way.  A LCC between Art and Chemistry used a joint project to achieve this goal   Twenty-three students each created 4+ different tiles for a wall-sized periodic table.  Tiles reflected knowledge of the element in a creative way and were assessed based on both chemistry- and art-interpretation and implementation.  The periodic table will be used in future years as a learning tool for the department.  Criteria, rubrics and images of the final project will be shared.


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