Session S55c (Wednesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P866: Chemistry, the environment, and food! Communicating what's good, bad and everything in between!

Susan Hershberger (Miami University, USA)

“Fighting with Food: Battling Chemical Toxicity with Good Nutrition” is a partnership of chemistry educators, medical school environmental health researchers, and superfund researchers who collaborate to involve middle and high school students, teachers, peers, and their families in environmental health science, nutrition, and core chemistry and biological science.  Students explore “the bad” (toxicants and environmental health threats) and “the good” (the science of how beneficial nutrients in food combat toxicant exposure). The classroom and outreach materials being developed for this project emphasize teaching core chemistry and science content in the context of these personal science, technology, and society issues. Everyday materials in hands-on and inquiry settings are emphasized. An educational research project is beginning to investigate how teachers and students use and learn from the project materials.


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