Session S55c (Wednesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P871: Synthetic Chemistry Faculty United (SCFUn): Can we help each other do it all as we become master teacher-scholars?

Judith Amburgey-Peters, Paul Bonvallet, Nicholas Shaw, Robert Woodward (College of Wooster, USA)

With greater integration of teaching as research and research as teaching, we need to be more innovative and synergistic in how we try to do it all.  Trends in our student-focused practices certainly promote student learning communities to help them maximize their learning.  If communities are good for novice learners, then surely they are even more powerful for the master learners we call professors.  Development of targeted faculty learning communities will help us achieve the ever-challenging (and rewarding) goal of becoming master teacher-scholars.  At The College of Wooster we have planted the seed for a learning community among chemistry faculty doing synthetic-based laboratory research at a liberal arts PUI while also meeting the curricular expectations inherent to teaching organic chemistry classes and laboratories.  We share how we have collaborated to help each other and hope to intentionally grow this community.


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