Session S55c (Wednesday, 5:15pm, Willaman Gateway)

P878: "Stoplight quizzes" and "around the world" discussions: Strategies to increase class participation in the analytical chemistry sequence

Kathryn Kloepper (Mercer University, USA)

Two new strategies to promote student participation during lecture and laboratory have been implemented in Quantitative Analysis and Instrumental Analysis at Mercer University. “Stoplight quizzes” are administered in three distinct phases: individual assessment, small group discussion, and instructor feedback.  A specific pen color is used for each step in order to provide students with real-time, visual feedback.  These quizzes are intended to encourage student preparation, promote student discussion, and provide the instructor with assessment of class progress.  Stoplight quizzes have been implemented in a junior-level Instrumental Analysis lecture and a sophomore-level Quantitative Analysis laboratory.  In “around the world” discussions, students are first presented with a short video clip introducing an instrument and then called on one-by-one to answer related questions.  Students self-assess their own participation at the end of each lecture. Student perception of these methods was assessed through end-of-the-semester surveys containing a combination of quantitative and qualitative questions.  Variations of these techniques for implementation in other courses will be presented.


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