Session S15 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 219)

P88: Chemistry disciplinary content maps: Identification and refinement of “anchoring concepts” that span the undergraduate chemistry curriculum

Jeffrey Raker (Iowa State University, USA), Thomas Holme (Iowa State University, USA), Kristen Murphy (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA), Jacob Schroeder (Clemson University, USA)

In response to the possibility that departments responding to the new CPT Guidelines might be interested in outcomes related measures of student learning, the ACS Exams Institute has identified 10 “Anchoring Concepts” that span the four-year undergraduate chemistry curriculum; these concepts represent the big ideas in the field of chemistry. Through faculty workshops at regional and national meetings, these big ideas are being further refined into overarching and discipline-specific outcomes. Workshop participants have also being asked to align current ACS Examination items with the Anchoring Concepts; this measure provides understanding of student learning of the individual outcomes. Separate, but overlapping, content maps are being developed for each chemistry discipline. Results of this project will assist curriculum and assessment developers in understanding the overarching undergraduate chemistry curriculum. Detailed content maps for General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry will be available for review following this talk.


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