Session S71 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 215)

P884: Effectiveness role-playing in developing a safety culture among chemistry graduate teaching assistants

Dominick Casadonte (Texas Tech University, USA)

As part of our ongoing mission to improve the safety culture at Texas Tech University, we enlisted the help of the Department of Theater and Dance to work with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to develop a set of acted safety scenario. In these scenarios, actor portrayed specific safety situations. The scenes were then stopped, allowing time for graduate students to discuss appropriate responses. The “correct” response  was then stated. Chemistry graduate students were inserted into the scene to carry out the “correct” response, with the idea that practicing the correct response in a role playing environment would affect correct responses during an actual emergency or accident. A pre/post Leikert assessment was given to address the effectiveness of this mode of intervention. Additional assertiveness training, which was also provided by the Theater Department, will also be discussed.


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