Session S72 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P886: Current practices, issues, and new developments in general chemistry laboratories at Purdue University

Marybeth Miller, Marcy Towns (Purdue University, USA)

General Chemistry at Purdue University serves approximately 3000-4000 undergraduate students each semester.  Several different tracts are offered, with separate courses for pre-pharmacy students, agriculture and nursing students, engineering and science students, and chemistry majors.  We will describe the customer-focused approach used when developing new laboratory experiments for these courses.

Currently we are working to address challenges such as changing student demographics.  We are also seeking improvements in several areas such as student preparation for lab, teaching assistant training and development, and student understanding and retention of lab topics and concepts.

In this talk, we will review our current practices, introduce issues associated with these practices and explore ideas for future development.


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