Session S72 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P888: Madison initiative for undergraduates: Impact on the general chemistry laboratory

Chad Wilkinson (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA)

Two years ago, the University of Wisconsin – Madison began the Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU).  Through a supplemental tuition charge, the MIU provides access to funds to improve the quality and value of undergraduate education.  In the Department of Chemistry, these funds are used to pay additional teaching assistants who are dedicated to MIU projects, as well as to purchase supplies and equipment for course innovation.

The general chemistry program has used these resources to develop new materials for teaching assistants to use in the classroom and laboratory.  Funds from the MIU have also been used to innovate the chemistry laboratory, either through the introduction of new experiments or updates to existing ones.  In this presentation, we will examine some of the new resources and innovations made possible by the MIU, as well as some of the challenges faced in meeting MIU goals.


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