Session S72 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 216)

P889: Transforming chemistry laboratory instruction at The Ohio State University

Matthew Stoltzfus, Ted Clark, Rebecca Ricciardo, Rick Spinney, Patrick Woodward (Ohio State University, USA)

The General Chemistry program at The Ohio State University is in the midst of a period of rapid and significant change.  This far-reaching transformation is in response to both challenges and opportunities.  In terms of challenges, the University’s transition to a semester-system has prompted a re-assessment of nearly every course in the chemistry curriculum.  In turn, this has provided many opportunities for improving classroom instruction.  This presentation will discuss innovations that aim to improve the pedagogical and logistical framework for chemistry courses at OSU.  These will include technological innovations, including an on-line grading system for pre- and post-lab questions, as well as a newly developed pilot for grading on-line report forms that are directly integrated into our Desire2Learn course management system for a lab section of over 600 students. The continued emphasis on inclusion of authentic research experiences early in a student’s undergraduate general chemistry lab experience will also be discussed.


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