Session S15 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 219)

P90: Examining equilibrium concepts throughout the undergraduate chemistry curriculum

Amy Johnson (Eastern Michigan University, USA)

Equilibrium is a foundational topic that recurs throughout the undergraduate chemistry curriculum. It is also traditionally one of the most difficult subject areas for students to really understand. As part of our Program Review process, the Assessment Committee of the Department of Chemistry at Eastern Michigan University has identified key equilibrium concepts taught in courses throughout our major. Our ultimate goal is to gain a comprehensive view of how our students are learning about and thinking about equilibrium across our curriculum in order to be able to provide them with consistent, integrated instruction. In collaboration with faculty from the subdisciplines, the committee developed a series of questions addressing these key concepts and administered them to students enrolled in general chemistry, organic, analytical and biochemistry courses for several semesters. This presentation will include our assessment data, as well as lessons learned from this iterative process and future directions of the research.


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