Session S60c (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 102)

P903: Online games: Fun problem solving

Ryan Kieser (University of North Texas, USA)

We have developed several online games that provide students with engaging ways to master various concepts in organic chemistry: identification of functional groups, IUPAC nomenclature, stereochemistry, and selected chemical reactions. New games covering other topics are in the design stage. Students are encouraged to play the games to reinforce the topics being discussed in class. They can access the games online, anytime they want to study, via the link provided in Blackboard. They can then select the game they wish to play, and choose between different modes (review/quiz) and levels of difficulty (easy/medium /hard). Some of the games also have time challenges built into the problem-solving, requiring students to be able to answer the questions not only correctly, but quickly as well. These features also allow students the opportunity to self-assess their exam readiness, a common concern among students.


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