Session S60c (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 102)

P905: Teacher preparedness for curriculum innovation: Do we produce teachers who can think?

Sarah Hayes (University of Limerick, Ireland)

Science teachers are the gatekeepers for future scientists and engineers and it is important that we equip them with the skills to keep up-to-date with current science and be able to transform science education research (SER) into effective practice. This paper describes some of the teaching, learning and assessment methods utilised in a chemistry pedagogics module. The aim of this module is to develop pedagogical content knowledge (PCK); it does not have a strict curriculum and is flexible in order to meet the trainee teachers’ needs and address areas of difficulty. Students are assessed on four assignments: these are chosen to develop the students’ scientific literacy, increase their confidence in turning science education research (SER) into effective practice and provide future sharable resources. The assignments allow the students to become involved in an ongoing community of shared practice and to apply research ideas to their own teaching methodologies.


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