Session S74 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P906: Best practices in home chemistry experiments for online learning

Mary Shoemaker, Kathy Highbaugh, Matthew Schmidt (Pennsylvania State University, USA)

Penn State’s World Campus course, Chem 101: Introductory Chemistry, is a combined lecture/lab course.  The course was first offered online during the Fall 2009 semester and has been taken by students from all over the world.  For the laboratory portion of Chem 101, students purchase a home laboratory kit and perform five labs which have been designed to be as similar as possible to those that are performed in the residential version of the course.  Techniques used to verify accurate laboratory procedures and student report submission requirements will be discussed with particular emphasis on the five laboratory topics currently utilized: (1) Density, (2) Identification of an Unknown Substance, (3) Ionic and Covalent Substances, (4) Stoichiometry, and (5) Chromatography.


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