Session S74 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 118)

P909: Improving student accessibility through the use of remote instrumentation: The BC-ILN project

Bruno Cinel, Sharon Brewer (Thompson Rivers University, Canada)

There are considerable challenges in delivering authentic and meaningful student laboratory experiences by distance. At Thompson Rivers University (TRU), we have been actively investigating the use of remote operation of scientific instrumentation as well as home lab experiment kits for undergraduate chemistry students. The BC-Integrated Laboratory Network (BC-ILN) initiative strives to improve access to analytical instrumentation and supporting instructional material through the use of web-based technologies. The impact that these activities have on undergraduate chemistry education and the student learning environment was explored by assessing and comparing traditional student laboratory practices and experiences to a remote experience. By incorporating the analysis of real world samples and “anyplace, anytime” learning practices into the collection of educational resources available to distance learners, we hope to provide genuine and mindful scientific opportunities for student learning.


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