Session S15 (Sunday, 2pm, Thomas 219)

P91: Developing conceptual understanding of chromatography and mass spectrometry

Caryl Fish (Saint Vincent College, USA), Matthew Fisher (Saint Vincent College, USA), Steven Gravelle (Saint Vincent College, USA)

An NSF funded project to enhance the learning of chromatography and mass spectrometry concepts throughout the curriculum was completed at Saint Vincent College.  The project involved the development of in-class POGIL activities and project oriented laboratory activities for sophomores through seniors.   The courses targeted included organic chemistry laboratory, quantitative analysis, instrumental analysis, and advanced physical methods laboratory.  Learning goals for each course were developed to focus the writing and assessment of these activities.  Assessment strategies included several that examined individual classes as well as a few that assessed the overall curriculum.  This presentation will discuss the curriculum changes, POGIL activities, laboratory activities, and assessment.


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