Session S77 (Thursday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 009)

P926: Changing the face of mentoring at public liberal arts institutions

George Heard (University of North Carolina – Asheville, USA)

The experience for new faculty at a Public Liberal Arts Institution requires mentoring from both within the faculty member’s department and from faculty members with interdisciplinary experience.  The Faculty Mentoring Program at UNC Asheville paired incoming faculty with mentors from different departments and also different levels of experience, creating a chain of levels of mentoring, from mentee to junior mentor to senior mentor.  I will share my experiences and my colleagues’ experiences with this program, which should have been a model for an institution of our type.  While “institutionalization” is often a desired outcome of a program, complications in institutionalization of this program led to its decline and eventual abandonment.  Comparison will be made between our program and those in place at similar institutions, and what faculty are doing to carry on the spirit of the Faculty Mentoring Program.


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