Session S79 Thursday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P948: Engaging educators in design-based science

Rose Clark, Edward Zovinka (Saint Francis University, USA)

Saint Francis University and Appalachia Intermediate Unit 8 have partnered to conduct MSP SEEDS (Math and Science Partnership: STEM Engaging Educators in Design-based Science), which provides professional development for approximately 30 teachers each year in grades 5-9 from 16 school districts within IU8’s region. The project has focused on Integrative STEM, project-based professional development during a summer 2 week institute for teachers with school year follow up training, in which participants are engaged in applying science and math concepts for the production of a solution to a real world problem. Design topics have included building a passive solar house, designing a passive acid-mine drainage (AMD) water remediation system, and most recently an active AMD water remediation system.  The teachers are engaged in science, math, and engineering content in the classroom, laboratory, and in the field. Teacher training and student learning outcomes from this multi-year project will be presented.


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