Session S79 Thursday, 9:30am, Life Sciences 013)

P951: Impact of graphical organizers on concept development in introductory chemistry

Zexia Barnes (Morehead State University, USA), Elizabeth Roland (Morehead State University, USA), Ann Macintosh (Morehead State University, USA), Nathan Coker (Morehead State University, USA)

Involvement in K-12 partnerships can provide a foundation upon which strategic instructional changes to introductory chemistry are made.  The introductory chemistry course is intended for agriculture and pre-nursing students and middle-school science pre-service teachers.  All sections use the same lab manual and textbook with coordination of all syllabi.  The Chemistry Concept Inventory (Mulford, 1996) was used to identify areas of conceptual concern.  The identified areas, such as symbolic representation, compound/element/mixture, conservation of matter, and acid/base, were targeted for instructional intervention.  Changes were made in lecture using Frayer formatted reading frameworks and a new lab was created.  Changes were made in sequential semesters with laboratory added first, followed by the Frayer formatted readings in the second semester. The presentation includes pre- and post-test data supporting the instructional interventions as well as selected instructional materials.


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