Session S16 (Sunday, 3:40pm, Thomas 120)

P96: Preparing STEM teaching assistants for project-based laboratory experiences: Reflections from four learning community facilitators

Michael Slade (Iowa State University, USA), Jeffrey Raker (Iowa State University, USA), Kim Linenberger (Iowa State University, United States), Elizabeth Addis (Iowa State University, USA)

STEM disciplines at Iowa State University with funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute have been transforming laboratory instruction to include multi-week research-like experiences. To support the development of the teaching staff, two learning communities were formed: one for faculty instructors and one for teaching assistants. This learning community project was unique in that the community included facilitators and teaching assistants from several disciplines: chemistry, biology, geology, and psychology. We will discuss the methods developed and used to facilitate the TA learning community based on the needs and challenges identified by the TAs.  The results of a needs assessment and evaluation of the learning community will be presented.


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