Session S81 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P963: A different persepctive: Effects of seat location and presentation methods on translations from 3D to 2D in organic chemistry

Bryna Kumi, Bonnie Dixon (University of Maryland – College Park, USA)

In Organic Chemistry, 3D models are often used in the classroom to increase students’ visualization skills and understanding of 2D diagrammatic conventions.  As such, instructors often proceed on the assumption that all students in the classroom similarly perceive these models.  Preliminary research indicates that students will use different observer perspectives of models as a function of their seat location in the classroom, and therefore approach 3D to 2D translations in different manners.  Such different perspectives can increase the difficulty of teaching molecule visualization and diagram translations.  Furthermore, it is observed that student performance on tasks requiring the translation from 3D models to 2D diagrams are correlated with their visualization perspective and students in some seat positions may be at a disadvantage in large lecture halls, showing poorer performance than their peers.  We investigate methods of reducing these differences in perspective and performance between seat locations and increasing students’ visualization skills.


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