Session S81 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P966: Comprehensive scheme to teach protein visualization in undergraduate biochemistry

Sunil Malapati (Clarke College, USA)

A good understanding of protein structure in three dimensions is increasingly critical to student learning in undergraduate biochemistry courses.  A comprehensive scheme was developed to introduce, reinforce and emphasize protein structure visualization in a one-semester Biomolecules junior level undergraduate course.  The scheme uses physical models and exercises developed by the Biochemistry Core Collaborators in 2011 as well as DeepView and Protein Workshop software.  Students collaborated with art students in an inter-departmental project titled Form Exposes Function to explore one protein in depth in their culmination project.  Students were assessed both on the process and on the final results with a specific rubric developed for the presentation.  In addition, students were given surveys after the project for self-assessment; and protein visualization questions were embedded in exams through the semester to assess student progress in visualization. The presentation will focus on the overall scheme developed and the results of student assessment.


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