Session S81 (Thursday, 9:30am, Thomas 104)

P967: Using the Visual Spatial Chemistry Specific tool, VSCS, to monitor gains in visualization skills

Maria Oliver-Hoyo, Holly Schiltz (North Carolina State University, USA)

A semester-long intervention was designed to promote visualization skills and was implemented in an inorganic course. As part of the intervention, 3D physical models were developed to help students deconstruct the visualization needed when learning symmetry. The systems provided students with physical and visual frames of reference to facilitate the complex visualization involved in symmetry and group theory concepts. The VSCS tool was administered at the beginning and end of the semester in order to monitor if changes in visual-perceptual skills could be detected. This presentation will give an overview of what the intervention entailed and will discuss the results of the scores of inorganic students on the VSCS.


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