Session S17 (Sunday, 3:40pm, Thomas 121)

P99: Biochemistry for the new millennium: Computational experiments in the undergraduate biochemistry lab

Daniel Barr (Utica College, USA)

In recent years, computational biochemistry has emerged as its own discipline in under the broader umbrella of biochemical research.  The literature now commonly contains references to in silico experiments that complement the traditional in vivo and in vitro investigations.  Given the increasing use of computational tools in biochemistry research, it is important that students become familiar with these tools as part of their undergraduate experience.  At Utica College, we incorporate three weeks of computational biochemistry labs into the biochemistry laboratory curriculum.  These experiments introduce students to the basics of structure visualization, bioinformatics, and molecular simulation techniques.   This presentation will report on the successes and challenges of introducing students to computational research techniques in the undergraduate biochemistry lab.


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