Tuesday July 31, PM Sessions

S47b: Inquiry in Support of Student Learning: Meaningful Uses of Assessment Data

Organizers: Anne-Marie Nickel (Milwaukee School of Engineering, USA), Mary Walczak (St. Olaf College, USA)

Presider: Anne-Marie  Nickel (Milwaukee School of Engineering, USA)

Systematic inquiry into student learning helps instructors, departments and institutions assess the extent to which students are achieving learning objectives. At the course level, instructors might ask whether students are learning what they think they are teaching. By gathering evidence of student learning, the instructor can determine whether adjustments to course material and/or methods are needed to improve learning. At the department level information about the extent to which chemistry graduates are meeting outcomes for the major can inform decision-making. Examining evidence of student learning can help us determine the efficacy of our teaching and the educational path we have provided our students. Assessment is the process of systematically asking these questions, gathering data to answer the questions, analyzing the data and then making changes to improve the educational process and student learning. This symposium will address assessment within chemistry courses, across the chemistry curriculum and at the institutional level.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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