Tuesday July 31, PM Sessions

S52: Teaching Chemistry Study Skills: The Missing Piece for Student Success

Organizer: Jeffrey Paradis (California State University Sacramento, USA)

Presider: Jeffrey Paradis (California State University Sacramento, USA)

Many science students struggle in transitioning from high school to college studies. For example, many students put in far less than the recommended 2-3 hours of studying for every hour spent in class. The result is that the STEM disciplines only graduate a fraction of their majors. The typical solution espoused by faculty in the face of such grim statistics is for students to “study harder.” Unfortunately, research indicates that students, regardless of motivation, have little reference for improvement. To make matters worse, many faculty are exceptional learners and have little experience with the learning challenges faced by their students.  Additionally, a growing body of literature supports the notion of providing students with study skills in context. Students taking generic study skills workshops are often unable to transfer what they have learned to new situations. For example, taking notes while reading a chemistry text requires a different approach and different skills than those required when reading, for example, a history text. Though most science faculty have no formal training in teaching study skills, it is possible that the science classroom may actually be the best place to teach these skills to our science majors. This symposium seeks to address this largely ignored opportunity by exploring ways to seamlessly embed rigorous study skills within the science curriculum.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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