Wednesday August 1, PM Sessions

S63b: Inquiry Materials for Chemistry that Really Work: Teacher Designed and Tested

Organizers: Deborah Herrington (Grand Valley State University, USA), Ellen Yezierski (Miami University, USA), Jodye Selco (Cal Poly Pomona, USA)

Presider: Jodye Selco (Cal Poly Pomona, USA)

The National Science Education Standards, many state science standards, and the newly released Conceptual Framework for New Science Education Standards, expect teachers to develop an inquiry-based science program for students. Unfortunately, many teachers have little experience with inquiry instruction. Furthermore, science inquiry is a complex process incorporating many instructional methods making the development of high quality inquiry materials difficult. In this symposium, teachers will present chemistry inquiry materials they developed and tested in their own classrooms or in outreach activities. Each presentation should include an overview of the materials, important aspects of their successful implementation, and student assessments. Teachers are also strongly encouraged to include data demonstrating the benefits of these materials for students.

     Introduction 2:00pm-2:05pm


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