Thursday August 2, AM Sessions

S77: Mentoring Faculty: Lengthening and Strengthening the Chain

Organizers: Luis Montes (University of Central Oklahoma, USA), Cheryl Frech (University of Central Oklahoma, USA)

Presider: Luis Montes (University of Central Oklahoma, USA)

Every member of the academic unit is involved in mentoring faculty. In the most traditional situation, new faculty are mentored by more senior colleagues, but there are many variations of this theme. Mid-career and senior faculty may be mentored by their emeritus colleagues, or by faculty from other departments. Women and minority faculty or faculty with non-traditional lifestyles often mentor each other. In each case, the chain of formal and informal knowledge about teaching and survival in academia is lengthened and strengthened. In this symposium we seek input from all levels of faculty on their mentoring program successes and experiences.

     Introduction 9:30am-9:35am


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