Monday July 30, PM Workshops

W23: Producing Transformational Learning through Effective POGIL Practices

David Hanson, Stony Brook University
Daniel Apple, Pacific Crest

Education has been going through a cultural change over the last three decades as research in education and the cognitive sciences has shown the effectiveness of many new practices.  Process-oriented guided-inquiry learning (POGIL)is steeped in these educational practices and provides a structure to produce greater learning and success for most students.  Participants in this workshop will be actively engaged, working together to explore five basic areas.  (1)Creating a productive learning environment with a success culture that transforms the educational experience.  (2) Enhancing learning through reading and critical thinking activities.  (3) Using POGIL activities, both inside and outside the classroom, with a research-supported learning cycle to produce transferable knowledge.  (4) Facilitating students working together in learning teams.  (5) Integrating effective reflection and assessment activities to enhance student learning performance.  The workshop will provide at least ten takeaways that will improve student learning and success in manageable ways for both small and large classes.  Workshop participants, who currently are thinking about using POGIL, will leave with incentives, ideas, and confidence, and those who already are using POGIL, will leave with renewed energy, strategies, and enthusiasm to increase their effectiveness; 3-hour session.

Intended Audience:  UG

$25 fee; limit of 50 participants

Monday, July 30, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m., 005 FRG


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